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    JAYMAN - Her 

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    uh.. look i know that its been a minute

     but spare a little more time

    I want you to hear me finish

    Im trying to talk it out

    you don’t even care to listen

    Cant deal with all of the distance

    cause i be starting to miss it

    and over all your decisions

    caused nothing else but conflicting

    im tryna send you a message

    but you don’t manage to get it

    everything that we had

    all the love that was given

    now tell me how you gon end it

    then later wishing you didn’t

    but here I am, placing these words on these instrumentals

    and girl I know you sad

    cause we used to be something special

    in fact there was nothing given

    its like this love was a rental

    but we learn from our mistakes

    what we claim to be accidental

    but we say everything happens for a reason

    and just like my religion

    you were something I believed in

    I never thought you’d be leaving

    these feeling were all deceiving

    But i guess you changed

    like the weather in between the seasons

    hotter than the summer

    but the coldest like the winter

    I be playing for your heart

    see im tryna be the winner

    but I always put you first

    Cant lie about how I miss her

    wondered if you would of stayed

    if I was a little richer

    with a little bit of fame

    but money cant buy love 

    mixed with a little pain

    But we over cause our times up

    all these dudes on you

    but I aint trying to line up

    we used to be happy

    somebody please go and remind us

    she’s like tell me how you been feeling

    I told her im feeling good

    but never told her I missed it

    I knew she wanted to hear it

    but I never said nothing

    she could see it by the appearance

    that I gotta stop frontin

    she be talking about the loving

    and how it wasn’t one hunnit

    with all of this pain coming

    I know we tried running from it

    but these heart breaks plus long waits

    tell me what the sum is

    and I’m knowing that your heartaches

    but you be fighting above it

    so now we on the low 

    when we use to be on a high

    I hate that you had to go

    cuz I’m missing you by side

    from everything I believed

    transforming to all the lies

    It’s crazy I couldn’t see

    like the love we had got me blind

    but its all good

    saying that you over it

    you never understood

    all these words that I’m recording with

    saying that you off it

    thinking that you bored of this

    If this is what you wanted

    then I really want no more of it

    I had enough

    Im feeling right outta place

    used to be up above

    but now I gave you the space

    I’m thinking about the love 

    I’m hoping its not a waste

    I never thought giving up

    would be apart of the chase

    but I was wrong

    for thinking that what we had would of lasted

    and now I be moving on

    talking about the past tense

    feeling nothing less

    and you wondering bout what happened

    and now im tryna forget but you just keep coming back in…

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    JAYMAN - Only Want To Give It To You

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    420 plays Still got it (Snippet) JAYMAN


    uh, understand what i be saying

    I know we treat it like a game

    but I aint playing

    you could be dry

    like em grapes got me raisin

    find it hard to figure you out

    like a maze is

    and I know its only 

    been a couple days in

    but you the one

    that i really find amazing

    tell me what im chasing

    more than what a pretty face is

    show me the basics

    tell me what im facing

    I’m pacing

    every little thump that my heart beats

    giving you my pain let my scars breathe

    giving you my part let my art speak

    feeling outta place outer space where the stars be

    You been lonely

    It’s hard for you to cherish

    Ill greet you to the homies

    to show that I aint embarrassed

    she’s the only one

    aint nobody else comparing

    Ill give you more love

    more than the city of paris

    I like it, I been over here writing

    working with this music 

    is what im spending my nights with

    I be feeling like I might win

    yet every other day, we been always fighting

    but i aint tryna front, we should just

    forget about the past, and move ahead

    so we could make it all last


    i know im blunt but how real is that

    you want that feeling back

    well you should know I still…

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